• New T3 model is here!

    NEW! Premium tractor model is here, Outlander 1000 MAX X-TP T3!

  • WOW Magazine

    WOW Magazine is full of Can-Am lifestyle. It’s packed with exciting content from BRP, and you can also be a part of it. Share your wow-pictures and stories with us, we might publish them and reward you!

  • Spyder 2014 line-up!

    The sleek & stylish Can-Am Spyder is designed to perfect your ride. One thing is for sure. After the first ride you will yearn for more and more miles.

  • The ride says it all

    Every Can-Am ATV is a perfect combination of industry-leading performance, precision engineered handling and rider-focused design.

  • Outlander MAX

    NEW! Outlander MAX with SST G2 frame
    New for 2013, the Outlander MAX now features our exclusive next-generation chassis engineered around Geometric Contact Control principles.

  • T3 tractor ATV

    NEW! New members in Outlander T3 family!
    Now you can have an tractor registered ATV with 2-up capability.

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New T3 model is here!

Premium two-up tractor ATV


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